London Squarespace design, development & training.

I make Squarespace websites and train people on how to manage them.


Hello. I make nice websites for nice people around the world.

I'm so in love with Squarespace, that I've written a book about it: Building Business Websites with Squarespace 7. It's the only book available about the latest, current version of Squarespace.

I also have a Squarespace newsletter for tips and advice on using Squarespace.

I'm Miko Coffey, a Squarespace web designer/developer and trainer based in London, UK, but I work with people from all around the UK and further afield.

I make websites for individuals and organisations who want to take control of their content, but don't want to learn anything complicated.

I don't work for Squarespace, but I do choose to use Squarespace for most of my client web projects. Why? Because I think it's one of the most robust, highly configurable, easy to learn website tools on the market... and no, they're not paying me to say that :-)


I'm proud to be an original member of the Squarespace Circle: Squarespace's collective of "the most influential and experienced Squarespace designers and developers".

Miko Coffey, Squarespace Authorized Trainer

I'm also a Squarespace Authorised Trainer, the official programme for experienced trainers on the Squarespace platform.


My Squarespace Services

I offer a range of services when it comes to Squarespace. I can:

  • Create a new Squarespace website for you
  • Tweak an existing Squarespace website to meet your needs
  • Transfer your existing website into Squarespace, so you can easily update the content yourself
  • Provide a hands-on training session so you can build your own Squarespace website
  • Design and build your Squarespace website, and then train you on how to use it
  • Provide ad-hoc support on a Pay-As-You-Go basis

My Approach

I believe that if I do my job well, you won't need to call me until you need another website or a site overhaul. My speciality is building Squarepace sites and then providing training, so you don't have to rely on me for day-to-day updates. In the training, I will show you how to edit your website contents, monitor your web stats and administer your website.

If you just want a website design or some training, that's fine - but you can also tap into my 17+ years' experience working with websites and online communication if you want a little help in planning your website and what should go in it. I can work with you on your other online communication, too - whether it's blogging or e-mail newsletters.

Sound like the kind of thing you need?


About Me

My name is Miko Coffey, and I am a freelance web consultant. I'm based in London, but I work with clients around the world. I have worked in the online industry for the last 17 years, and have done everything from website design and development to high-level web strategy. I'm an experienced digital marketer, and I like to think this adds value to every project I do, no matter how small or large.

My Clients

With Squarespace, I work with end-users as well as marketing/digital consultancies and agencies. I have used Squarespace with clients in the public and private sector, from self-employed sole traders, to small businesses, to charities and larger commercial operations.

This website is a showcase of my Squarespace website design and development projects, so if you are interested in working with me on other types of online projects, why not hop over to my main web consulting site to learn more about what I do and how we might work together.