Collaborative Co-Working Session

Co-working sessions can be a cost-effective way to quickly build a new website or apply changes to an existing site, while combining this with "on-the-fly" training.

Co-working with me means you can tap into the expertise of an experienced pro to ensure that you follow best practice, learn to perform tasks in the optimal manner, and take advantage of my design skills.

In these sessions, I will drive and you will navigate, directing me to carry out tasks or show you how to do things. Some clients just want to direct things, using the sessions to shortcut the design & build process.  Others want to focus heavily on the training aspect, in which case I can then hand over the wheel to you, either in our session or outside, for you to practice what you've learned.

Sessions normally last 1 to 1.5 hours, though they can be longer/shorter depending on your needs (max 2 hours per session due to brain saturation). Sometimes we can cover everything in one session, whereas other projects require multiple sessions, often with a break between for you or me to do things before we reconvene.

The total number of hours we spend together varies depending on what you want to cover, how confident you are with technology, the goals for your site, the size, and ultimately how much time you want to spend on it. 

Ready to book?

Just reply to a few questions and we'll be on our way soon. Please complete the following form so I can understand a bit more about your needs and give you an estimate of how much time we'll need. You will then be able to book a slot for our session.

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Session Cost

£70 per hour, PAYG
(charged by the minute)
+ VAT for UK clients

Session Format

1:1 collaborative interactive sessions

Session Location

  • At my Brixton office
  • Remotely via screenshare
  • Other London/UK locations by prior agreement dependent on suitable setup being available (travel costs will apply)

Miko Coffey

I'm a web problem-solver who helps people make the most of digital tools, techniques and practices. I've been working with websites for the last 17 years and I absolutely love it.